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Victoria Grain Milled Rice, (Komboka) by I-Go Africa® 25kgs (grade 3)

  • EUR: € 17.52
  • GHS: ₵221.35
  • KES: KES2,508.57
  • NGN: ₦8,736.20
  • TZS: TSh44,365.00
  • GBP: £15.42
  • AED: د.إ69.77
  • XOF: CFA11,483.60
  • XAF: CFA11,483.60
Call or email for packaging & delivery  options and detailed pricing Pricing: Kes 100 per Kg for grade 1, Kes 95 per Kg for grade 2 & 90 Kes for Grade 3 email: or Milled rice could essentially be called white rice. Unlike typical brown rice, which has only the husk removed, it also has the rice bran layer and the germ of the rice removed. This tends to make for fluffier rice, that is usually white to light yellow in color.