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Soybean Oil (Crude) Sold per MT (Flex-Tank)

  • EUR: € 1,189.51
  • GHS: ₵15,028.50
  • KES: KES170,318.70
  • NGN: ₦593,141.98
  • TZS: TSh3,012,150.00
  • GBP: £1,047.26
  • AED: د.إ4,736.75
  • XOF: CFA779,676.03
  • XAF: CFA779,676.03
Sold per MT  Email us for custom pricing Or add this item as a quote to your cart and complete the quote checkout process. Product description: Product obtained by heat treatment, crushed, dehulled and conditioned non GMO / GMO soybean, which is pressed. Oil is released of sediment through sedimentation and filtering in frame filter press, and than oil is stored. Ingredients:              soybean 100% Terms of use: Product for further processing as a feedstock in the manufacture of ready-made mixtures for animal feeding, as well as raw materials in paint and varnish industry, and in biodiesel production.
Storage conditions: It is recommended to store in tanks where product will not be in contact with moisture and high temperature and where will be protected from entry of rodents, insects, birds and other animals. Shelf life: 12  months Packaging: Bulk, Flex-Tank Complies with applicable standard and EU regulations Legal provisions and relevant standard GMP+B2(2010), GMP+BA1, GMP+BA4, requirements(EU R 68/2013, 767/2009, EU R 1829/2003, 574/2011,744/2012,1275/2013, 277/2012), castumer requirements BSE/TSE statement: Product doesn't contain ingredients with animal origin Traceability: Established in all phases of production, storage and transportation of ingredient and final product. Product safety status: Product is safe for labelled intended use. Safety Data Sheet available  on request.